·         Drug resistance surveillance in hospital and other healthcare settings

·         Epidemiological survey of the most infectious disease

·         Vacination survey and try to vaccine production

·         Leishmaniosis

·         Viral hospital survey

·         HIV & PMTCT

·                Antibiotic prophylaxis in infection prevention

·         Hospital and health care

·         Covid infectious survey

·         TB

·         Vaccine developments via in vitro and in silico studies

·         Medical sampling of infectious diseases in hospitals and healthcare settings

·         Laboratory diagnosis of infections

·         Employing Information Technology (IT) systems in infection surveillance 

·         Prevention of infection in immunosuppressed patients

·         Identifying infectious hazards associated with medical devices

·         Role of medical equipment in healthcare-associated infection

·         Disinfection and sterilization procedures

·         Outbreak prevention in hospitals

·         Healthcare-associated infection surveillance

·          Environmental contamination and its surveillance

·         Clinical and related waste management

·         Infection hazards associated with critical care units, or other specific healthcare departments